Discovering Purpose

When I chose to be saved again, to recommit myself to Christ as an adult, and to mature in Christ, I was consumed with fear.

How could I possibly prove myself to be a good Christian if I lacked vision? And without vision, how could I even begin to contemplate purpose? Purpose, at the time, was this abstract concept that I seemed to chase but could not find. And this easily led to feelings of inadequacy, which then led to doubt and fear.

Eventually, I realized that I was leading a fear-filled life, a life God did not mean for me to be living. We are meant to be free in Christ, not chained to worries.

For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.

2 Timothy 7 (NLT)

This revelation led me to draw closer to Christ. You see, God left us with perfect instructions on how to live our lives as Christians. When I began to not just read the Bible more but also reflect on its passages, my understanding of purpose solidified.

And he said to them, “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation. 

Mark 16:15 (ESV)

If we are followers of Christ, we are meant to spread the Gospel. We are meant to bring people to Christ. We are meant to help shine a light in darkness. That is our purpose.

Declare his glory among the nations,

    his marvelous works among all the peoples!

Psalm 96:3 (ESV)

Now, there can be a difference in each of our methods. One person may bring others to Christ through their singing, and another through preaching. And yet another through leading. God has given us each unique skills and talents in order to strengthen the church by bringing more people into the family of Christ.

So if you can sing, use your voice. If you can write, put words to paper. If you can nurture, raise your kids up well, allowing them to understand and accept Christ early on in life. And whenever you feel doubt or worry starts to creep up and spread, turn back to the book of instructions and ruminate on His word.

Purpose has never been this abstract concept but one that is very clear and concrete. So set down your fears and feelings of inadequacy and today, declare that you will live in purpose and in freedom instead.

Helpful Tools: Want to learn more about your God-given skills? Visit the Spiritual Gifts Test website and take the test.

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