A few things about me…

My name is Ọna. I’m a Dallas-based 20-something-year-old but I will always consider myself a true Bostonian (well, Cantabrigian), as I was born and raised in Cambridge, MA. After working in various sectors and opening and closing several blogs, I decided to obtain an MFA, work on a short story collection, and create Cultivate Women.

A few things about this blog…

Cultivate Women is more than just a blog but a movement that is in bloom. I believe God called me to create this movement in order to restore confidence in both women and girls by restoring their identity in Christ.

Quick comment: I am not a bible scholar, but I am 100% certain this is what God has asked me to do.


Cultivate Women exist to enrich the lives of women and girls in every season of their lives.


Cultivate Women provides a safe space for all women who are on a journey towards Christ to be authentic and to uplift each other through reading, learning, and sharing.

What does it mean to cultivate?

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary definition: To prepare and use, to foster the growth of, to further or encourage, to develop, to improve by labor, care or study

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If you’re based in Dallas, I’ll be hosting a monthly girl chat soon.